About Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School (GBS) warmly welcomes you! GBS provides its students with a highly distinguished international environment, embodied by a family culture for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students.


The real strength of Geneva Business School lies within its privileged insights into the real world of business, alongside the ability to enable access into an extensive international network.


We provide a flexible schedule: Should you wish to choose your subjects around your professional commitments to vice versa, by respecting the curricular requirements agreed by our accreditors, we allow a large degree of choice to cater to every student’s busy academic and professional schedules. GBS has a successful registration system that provides a tailor-made academic plan for every student.

Students are provided with state of the art computer centers and also have access to the one of the largest libraries in the world. It is a great challenge to meet the unique needs of each student and GBS is proud to rise to this challenge.


We ensure small class sizes with dedicated and inspiring teachers, enabling lessons to be a highly beneficial and personal experience, which has been proven through constant feedback evaluations.


GBS only employs actively professional professors with valid experience in addition to selecting those with only the highest academic qualifications. Through the continuous faculty support provided during the GBS study experience, students’ aspirations are nurtured and encouraged through a structured, professional mind set.

We are proud of our Mission
  • To attract faculty and students with high leadership and academic potential.
  • To provide insight that broadens the minds of our students and enables adaptability and leadership throughout their future endeavors.
  • To deepen the understanding of the world of business and finance, helping create innovation and inspire leadership.
  • To promote a well-rounded learning process, including cultural awareness and community involvement.
  • To keep our classes small and personal in order to remove restraints of classroom participation and strengthen the impact that our faculty has on our students.
  • To encourage our students to be open-minded and curious.


We would love to welcome you into the GBS family!