titanicWe’ve all heard the movie line “I’ll never let go, Jack”. And we’re all familiar with the “unsinkable” ship the movie line is in reference to. But have you heard that the Titanic is back in action, and set to sail once more in 2018?

That’s right, the Titanic II, and exact (with a few safety changes) replica of the 1912 cruise ship is in the midst of being built. The project is in thanks to Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer, who first announced the project back in 2012. Originally, the ship was set to sail this year, but recently it was announced the ship will now set sail two years later than anticipated.

Photos of the new ship will bring you back to the James Cameron film. Remember the scene when Rose, dressed in her evening best, walked down the ship’s beautiful staircase to meet an equally dapper Jack? Yes, those stairs will be recreated in the 2018 version.

The differences with this ship include:

  • The 2018 version of the ship will be a bit longer, and a bit wider than version one.
  • The ship will be welded as opposed to riveted like its predecessor.
  • It is reported the newer version will also have the capacity to carry more passengers than the 1912 Titanic.
  • Perhaps most importantly, Titanic II will have enough lifeboats for every passenger aboard.
  • Digital navigation and radar systems: technology obviously not available in 1912.

While the ship hasn’t even been completed, excited adventure-seekers have already begun to place bids on the ship’s first batch of tickets.  With only 840 cabins on the ship, competition is stiff. Reports have indicated potential passengers are offering upwards of $1 million (USD) for a first ride on Titanic II.  Maybe they will comp Celine Dion a free ticket if she recreates the movie’s soundtrack on board Titanic II — that would be terrific hospitality management in our opinion.

While the overall response to recreating Titanic have been seemingly positive, several followers of the ship’s development have expressed negative feedback: is the recreation of this ship insensitive toward the family members of those aboard original Titanic?

What do you think? Would you like to set sail on the newly created Titanic regardless of its morbid overtones? Is the recreation in poor taste, or is it a stroke of brilliance. Let us know your opinion.

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