ww mobile congressThe WW Mobile Congress, held in Barcelona, is one of the largest gatherings for the mobile industry in the world, and this year we, Geneva Business School, are planning to attend. Attendees get insight into the mobile industry: how mobile-connected products are transforming our lives, both personally and professionally.

From February 22-25, 2016 students at the Barcelona campus will be invited to attend a conference that may open the doors to new and exciting opportunities.

The WW Mobile Congress, which dates back to 1987, is an industry-leading conference for mobile innovation. Not only will students be introduced to a world-class exhibition and award-winning conference, the opportunity to network is outstanding. In fact, organizers of the conference have created networking gardens, VIP networking lounges, and social media campaigns all to promote the connectivity of attendees, and participators. Taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity is certainly in your interest.

Who will be in attendance to network with? Last year’s conference had record-breaking attendance, over 94,000 folks from 200 different countries, and over 2,2000 companies joined in on the conversation which took over nine separate exhibition halls.

Apart from the wonderful opportunity to connect with business people around the world, sitting in on a conference such as WW Mobile Congress is inspiring. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from powerful voices within the business world, and hear first-hand their advice, motivations, and insights.

This year, the keynote speakers expected to attend are:

Simon Segards CEO, ARM

Jonah Peretti Founder and CEO, BuzzFeed

Hans Vestberg President and CEO, Ericsson

Dan Schulman President and CEO, PayPal

Richard Fain Chairman and CEO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Anthony Lake Executive Director, UNICEF

And more…

If you’re located or plan to be located in Barcelona during the dates of this conference, and would like more information about the plans to attend the conference, please reach out to Geneva Business School directly. You can reach us through our front desk, or via social media.

(Photo Source: GSMA Mobile World Congress, Facebook Page)

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