Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)

Our Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) programs have been designed to meet the needs of candidates who have been or those who are keen on working in areas related to business and finance development that can draw on their everyday practice and work contexts to work towards a doctorate. Its structure of taught and independent elements allows a student to draw on the range of experiences of fellow-students and the faculty members in a mutually supportive environment.


The research departments aim for the candidates to stimulate and undertake certain activities of Research and Development (R&D), to tackle various areas and to master the transfer of the acquired knowledge to a group of private partnership companies.


Candidates would essentially propose these different techniques and strategies to the selected companies and advise as to how to set up and implement these innovative ideas. Candidates would also be responsible for constantly liaising with these companies regarding methods for updating any techniques and providing the maximum amount of relevant material possible.

Our Doctorate of Business Administration Majors:

The DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)is the most common type of research doctorate and is offered by GBS to students who have already gained a vast amount of knowledge in 1 or more of the 3 fields mentioned below. It allows students to carry out extensive research and to acquire competency as an independent researcher; to design and conduct research and to disseminate the outcomes to others in the related field.