Students at GBS Barcelona had the pleasure of welcoming Olivier Geynet of Vunee to campus for this year´s first Entrepreneurship Session. Mr. Geynet´s shared about his unique experience in the advertising world (formerly working as a brand manager with Lucky Strike and Vueling) and discussed his move into the world of Entrepreneurship with the opening of his own advertising firm-now the Spain branch of the advertising firm Popshop.  Mr. Geynet´s entrepreneurial career has now led him to become the Founder and CEO of Vunee-a groundbreaking new app that connects and matches people to their area´s social and music scenes.

Mr. Geynet was able to offer practical insight on the path to successful entrepreneurship by sharing his own story and giving students a few key tips for success. Students were encouraged to recognize a need within their market and pursue projects which they truly and completely want to see succeed.  Students left the session with a focus on pursing their business goals with 100% dedication.

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