Hola Barcelona!

Geneva Business School Barcelona Campus is trying out a new education platform that should make life a lot easier! We are introducing Google Education, a system that’ll be pioneered here in Spain before we roll it out to other campuses.

Google Education

What is it?

Google Classroom is a tool used by both educators and students to help create and organize assignments, and to facilitate and strengthen professor-student communication. The ease of performing tasks online will allow for quick accessibility and efficient feedback strategies. Everything is paperless, which helps eliminate that age-old excuse of “the dog ate my homework”.

How will it work?

Your professors will take the first step, so don’t worry, it’s not all on you. They will set your class up online and add you (as the student) to the roster, then email you a class code or just add you directly depending on their preferred process.

Teachers will then start creating assignments within Google Classroom. You will be sent the assignment digitally once it’s been created, then your professor can monitor (in real time) who has completed the work and who is still working on it. The platform enables the professor to reach out to students if they are lagging behind on work, and to give those who need it a bit of extra help. This also works the other way round; students can easily communicate with their teachers if they have any questions.

Google Education is great for staying organized. It helps students to avoid situations like losing work and bringing the wrong folder to class. We also know that with such small class sizes, asking questions in front of your classmates can be uncomfortable at times. The platform solves this problem by making private communication with teachers a breeze.

Making homework easy

Assignments can be submitted through Google Docs, as Google Drive files, links, or photos that can be uploaded to the system. This means no worries about tracking down a printer, scanner, or even Wi-Fi, as you can submit your homework through your phone.

Despite still being in the experimental stages, we’re positive that this platform is the way forward. As we make the transition, we’d love your feedback. Does Google Classroom make life easier for you? We want to hear your take on it!

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