Graduate:  Master of Science in Finance (Major in International Finance)

Year: 2014

Nationality: French

"Through my studies in GBS, I developed large skills in finance because of several fields taught. The diversity of student offers an open minded and help to better understand the worldwide. Professors are highly qualified and they bring you theoretical concepts and how to apply them in practice."


Graduate:  Bachelor in Business Administration (Major in International Management)

Year: 2014

Nationality: Switzerland

"My ambition is to work for one of the "Big 4" (KPMG, PwC, Deloitte or E&Y) and pass my Federal accounting expert diploma. The Audit field is a very attractive sector in my opinion because of the numerous internal and external training opportunities that it provides. GBS has helped me to obtain the knowledge required to enter this sector and start my career in the right way. In the future, I want to start my own company. This is just one of the initial challenges I have set myself in life."


Name: Aigerim SHAKEYEVA

Graduate:  Bachelor in Business Administration

Year: 2014

Nationality: Kazakhstan

"GBS has really helped me to gain a clear idea about how I want to fulfill my goals. GBS is an amazing place. I have been so happy here. If I could make every university like GBS, I would."


Graduate: Master of Science in Finance, Major in International Finance

Year: 2014

Nationality: Russian

"While working in my professional field for a few years, I have been elaborating hardware and software systems for medical purposes. I have studied various economic aspects of the market and industry of medical equipment, being engaged in solid state modeling, programming and various check studies of human respirator system. I have also tried my hand as a project manager of several pilot projects in sports medicine, addressing multiple technological and economic problems. I hope, that by studying at GBS, it will help me to realize and commercialize my own projects."

Eugene S. Ermolaev

Graduate: Master in Finance

Nationality: Indian

Current Position: Finance Journalist

"I would strongly recommend the Msc in Finance program at GBS for anyone looking for a career in Finance. I personally benefited a lot from the rich faculty members who shared their experience and learning in the sessions. Staff members are friendly and supportive, not to forget the advantage of being in the best city for private banking."


Graduate: Bachelor in Finance

Nationality: Chinese

Current Position: Now working for Shanghai Shipping Company

"During the five years, I obtained a vast amount of knowledge relating to Finance, and earned lots of valuable experience when I was studying at GBS."

lei lei
Lei Lei ZHAO

Graduate: Master in Finance

Nationality: Romanian

Current Position: Working for Price Waterhouse Coopers

"Firstly I would like to thank you for the good education provided by your school it will really help me in new career. Secondly I am most happy to inform you that I am now a financial consultant, for Price Waterhouse Coopers in Romania."

Flavia Cristina POPA

Graduate: Master in Finance

Year: 2012

Nationality: Indian

Current Position: Working at HSBC

"GBS has given me the required qualifications in such a diverse environment to push myself and search for opportunities, which in the end haven rewarded me more than I had expected by way of experience gained. It is up to the individual to make the effort, how much effort is what sets him/her apart from the others. Opportunities exist in many forms it is up to us to find and utilize them."


Graduate: Master of Science In Finance

Year: 2012

Nationality: Cameroonian

Current Position: Working with the United Nations

"From my perception and experience, GBS is an academic institution that trains future leaders who can fit in the private or public and and national or international spheres. One of GBS's strengths lies on its excellent and prolific lecturers who are practical experts in their various fields, together with a curriculum that addresses and evolves with issues of global attention. The international and diversified composition of its faculty and student body is a wonderful platform to better understand the cultures and business techniques of other nations.

 Indeed, GBS reminds me of the old African adage: "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; you have fed him for a lifetime".Truly, my training and passage from GBS has caught the attention from major institutions like the World Bank, multinational financial institutions, United Nations and its affiliated agencies. I am confident that I am now fit to handle various responsibilities in serving my country, Africa and the World.

I had a wonderful and memorable time while in the campus; both from lecturers and students alike. I would like to register my appreciation to the faculty and management team for their time and effort. Without reservation, I strongly recommend GBS to students of all nationalities and working executives who wish to undertake further studies abroad."


Graduate: Bachelor in Business Administration

Year: 2012

Nationality: Lebanese

Current Position: Assistant of Business Development Manager at International Computing Centre, Geneva.

"I have gained a lots of knowledge specially for this specific subject at GBS learning by different interesting courses I had at GBS during my study.