Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School is a leading Swiss business School with an international approach, dedicated to preparing world changing leaders. GBS encourages students to develop their full intellectual potential and pursue excellence.


Our Bachelor (BBA), Masters (MBA) and Doctorate (DBA) programs meet this century’s challenge of globalization and complexity. They are designed with the most innovative educational concepts and taught by an alliance of professionals, all recognized in their respective domains.

We wish to encourage personal growth and create knowledge with integrity and responsibility

Our Core Values

  • Personal growth
  • Create knowledge
  • Pursue excellence
  • Integrity and responsibility

Students receive support, guidance and personalized attention in every step of their careers


Our professors really engage with our students, creating relationships that provide support and guidance beyond classroom. Our focus is on developing a bond of continuous learning and sharing of knowledge. Our small class concept enables a more personal interaction between student and teacher.


At GBS we promote innovation, leadership and brilliance, encouraging students to stand out from the crowd with their ideas. Our committed faculty of professionals are highly established in the world of business and endeavor to share their wealth of information and knowledge.


Products, ideas and culture are becoming more globalized each day. That is why all of our programs are designed to respond to a need for constant updates of new knowledge, about the world’s biggest issues and trends.



At Geneva Business School we provide an exclusive and privileged education, inspired by the Swiss learning ideal. Through the concentration of select courses and specialties, GBS strives to ensure the best future to all our students.


All of our students have guaranteed internships with highly established businesses. Thousands of alumni guarantee the quality of our programs and have been recruited for top management positions in the global market place.


Our programs contain information that will be extremely relevant and useful throughout our students entire  lives. A GBS education, provides excellent guidance that aids development for critical judgement and common sense.